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Higher Hacknell Organic Farm

Welcome to Higher Hacknell Organic Farm

It was 1988 when we started farming organically, a system which we believe offers many common-sense answers to the problems facing agriculture, the food industry and our environment. Organic standards embrace all aspects of the farming system, most especially animal welfare, wildlife conservation and food safety. We believe that for our future health and well being, it is the way forward.

Higher Hacknell Organic Farm Family

Producing our own food, vegetables from the garden, cider from the orchard and meat from our own animals happened as a natural part of our farming life. From just feeding ourselves in the beginning, we now deliver our organic beef & lamb, and locally produced organic pork & chicken to homes across the UK. We are sure you'll enjoy our organic meat too!

Tim and Jo Budden

Highly Commended Organic Meat

Higher Hacknell Farm
EX37 9LX
England, UK
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